Light Railways

Nos 201 to 225

June 2008 to June 2012

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The leading article describes a standard gauge railway used in a major breakwater construction project at Harrington on the NSW mid-north coast. It is supported by some excellent maps and photographs.

No. 219 June 2011 Members' Supplement:

LRRSA Fiftieth Anniversary 1961-2011


This is a 32 page A4 publication in the style of Light Railways magazine, and printed in colour throughout. It was published as a members' supplement to Light Railways No.219, June 2011, and all financial members of the Society received a copy as part of their subscription.

It provides an historical account of the Society's development, and expansion. It also provides a chronology of the key events in each year with a corresponding photograph from that year.

Soft cover, 32 pages, A4 size, 64 photographs (49 in colour).

Price $A9.00 plus postage.
[price to LRRSA members $6.75 plus postage]

(Weight: 160 gm)

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This issue includes the final part on the detailed history of the Wootton-Mayers Point timber tramway which used two A class Climax locomotives, and several other less suitable steam locomotives. It also includes a wonderful insight into the last months of operation of Tasmania's Tullah tramway.

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A fascinating lead article with an excellent range of photographs and maps, along with two good supporting articles. Includes pictures of an A class Climax locomotive in distress, and a most unusual little Hunslet locomotive.

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Download No. 211 February 2010:

A very interesting issue, especially if you are interested in timber tramways - of northern New South Wales and southern Tasmania!

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Includes a very interesting report on a visit to the site of the 2ft gauge tramways at Tarrawingee, north of Broken Hill which served about twelve limestone quarries in the late nineteenth century.

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A very interesting mix of articles in this issue. The second article includes much background information on the Condong sugar mill's tramways in northern New South Wales.

The Heritage & Tourist section includes a review of the effects of recent bushfires on Victorian preserved light railways.

Download No. 205 February 2009:

The lead article describes a 2 ft gauge tramway which used two internal combustion locomotives and a Krauss 0-4-0WT. In places the tramway almost resembled a timber tramway in terms of construction and scenery.

The second article describes an extraordinary tramway built by an Australian company in an extraordinary location to the north-north-east of the Cook Islands, and south of the equator. And it used an extraordinary source of motive-power!

Download No. 204 December 2008:

The well-illustrated lead article describes an historically significant Fowler six-coupled locomotive of unusual appearance which worked on sugar tramways at Childers, Queensland, and later in northern New South Wales. Apart from technical details of the locomotive, it also includes much background material on Childers sugar mill, which was one of the earliest big sugar mills to close - in 1932.

Download No. 203 October 2008:

Includes a very impressive three-page photo feature on steam locomotives serving sugar mills in Java.

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A very varied issue which should have something to interest all tastes - with a magnificent front cover illustration, a descriptive article on a series of sugar railway branch lines north of Bundaberg, a highly sophisticated steam locomotive used in a swamp, an 0-4-2T locomotive which was the centre of a custody dispute; and small German diesel locomotives in Australia.