Light Railways

Nos 1 to 25

June 1960 to Spring 1968

All of these issues are out of print. However these 25 pioneering issues of Light Railways are available as free downloads as a PDF from the Society's web site

More information on the downloads can be found by clicking here.

The text from all issues from No.8 can be searched in Adobe Reader (formerly Adobe Acrobat).

The earliest issues were extremely crude and predated the formation of the LRRSA. Issue No.6 was the first to be published by the Victorian Light Railway Research Society (renmamed the Light Railway Research Society of Australia in 1968).

This set of Light Railways are supplied in two PDFs

No.25  Spring 1968:

No.24  Winter 1968:

No.23  Autumn 1968:

No.22  Summer 1968:

No.21  Spring 1967:

No. 20 Winter 1967:

No.19  Autumn 1967:

No.18 Summer 1966-67:

No.17 Spring 1966

No.16 Winter 1966

No.15 Autumn 1966

No.14 Spring 1963

No.13 Winter 1963

No.12 Autumn 1963

No.11 Summer 1962-63

No.10 Spring 1962

No.9 Winter 1962

No.8 Autumn 1962

No.7 Summer 1961-62

No.6 Spring 1961

No.5 Winter 1961

No.4 Autumn 1961

No.3 Summer 1960-61

No.2 Spring 1960

No. 1 June 1960