Online Videos

This page will host a collection of videos showing historic, preserved and current-day operations of Light Railways, along with videos of LRRSA events.

In a timber town – Erica – West Gippsland, Victoria

A most interesting video from Forest Heritage Videos showing life around the timber industry in Eria, in about 1959

Early hikes along the tramways of the Upper Yarra Area using the Scouts 1936 Jamboree Map

Recorded from the August 2021 Members Zoom Meeting, presented by Geoff Maynard

Red Cliffs (Vic) Pumping Station 2 ft gauge coal tramway

Recorded from the June 2021 Members Zoom Meeting, presented by Mike McCarthy

From 1924 to 1954 the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission of Victoria operated a 5.3 km tramway carrying coal and briquettes between Red Cliffs and a pumping station on the Murray River. A small Kerr Stuart steam locomotive and several Malcolm Moore tractors were used on the line. Mike spoke about the origins of the tramway and its operational history.

The Genealogy of the Western Australian G class

Recorded from the April 2021 Members Zoom Meeting, presented by Frank Stamford

The Western Australian G class was the most widely used locomotive in the Australian timber industry. Also running as the South Australian Y class and Tasmanian C class it was the most widely used type of steam locomotive in Australia. It was the fourth generation in a family of highly successful Beyer Peacock designs starting with broad-gauge 2-4-0s in Spain in 1862. This presentation looks at the development of the design and the four generations. Apart from Spain and all states of Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, the Isle of Man, South Africa and South American countries will enter the story.

Langley Vale 1920s

1920's footage of operations on William Langley's 1270mm (50") gauge logging tramway. This 20km (12 miles) wooden railed line ran from a sawmill beside the Lansdowne River to forests high up in the ranges behind and featured very steep grades.

Scenes include loading blackbutt logs onto tramway trucks using NZ 'Maori' jacks; the Class A Climax steaming over Langley's famous Curved Bridge; log-riding brakemen hauling on the brakes as a loaded train speeds down hill, and a frame saw at work in the mill.

A history of the line was published in Light Railways No's 226 and 227 in 2012. These magazines are available from the LRRSA Online shop

Riches beneath the Flat preview

This video previews the new book by Ross Mainwaring, Riches beneath the Flat, published on Feb 29, 2012 by the Light Railway Railway Research Society of Australia Inc. It is a history of the Lake George Mine at Captains Flat, New South Wales, and is available from the LRRSA Online shop