Light Railways

Nos 151 to 175

February 2000 to February 2004

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Download   No. 175 February 2004:

Much variety in this issue - should be something to satisfy all interests! The major article describes a Hunslet War Department 60 cm/2 ft gauge locomotive which worked in France and Queensland.

Download   No. 174 December 2003:

This issue includes nines pages relating to a trip on the goods train to Beech Forest and beyond in 1955, with 15 photographs, including a colour shot of the last regular train at Lavers Hill on 9 December 1954.

Download   No. 173 October 2003:

Download   No. 172 August 2003:

Download   No. 171 June 2003:

Download   No. 170 April 2003:

Download   No. 169 February 2003:

Download   No. 168 December 2002:

Download   No. 167 October 2002:

Download   No. 166 August 2002:

This issue includes a a well-illustrated, first-hand account of firing and driving 2 ft gauge steam locomotives on the Silkwood section of the South Johnstone Mill's sugar tramways in far north Queensland. Also for 2 ft gauge enthusiasts is an article on the 3-1/2 mile long Red Cliffs tramway which provided coal for the irrigation pumping station. The same article also describes the later restoration to operation of the line's Kerr Stuart 0-4-2T locomotive.

Download   No. 165 June 2002:

To mark the 100th anniversary of the opening of the 2 ft 6 in gauge Beech Forest railway, this issue includes an article describing the line written shortly after its construction by M. E. Kernot, then District Engineer, Victorian Railways. The article is written in plain English for normal people to understand, and includes some interesting dimensions of use to keen railway modellers. And it includes five pages to mark the re-opening of the 2 ft 6 in gauge railway into Walhalla.

Download   No. 164 April 2002:

Includes a double page centre spread - a painting by Phil Belbin showing a three-truck Wolgan Valley Shay with buffers, an NSWGR Baldwin inspred 2-8-0, a very English looking coal wagon, good scenery and lots of interesting details, including a country outhouse!

Download   No. 163 February 2002:

Download   No. 162 December 2001:

Download   No. 161 October 2001:

Download   No. 160 August 2001:

Download   No. 159 June 2001:

Download   No. 158 April 2001:

Download   No. 157 February 2001:

Download   No. 156 December 2000:

A fascinating variety of content despite the wicked diesel on the front cover.

Download   No. 155 October 2000:

Includes 37 photographs (including 9 historic black and white photos), and 8 maps, sketches and diagrams.

Download   No. 154 August 2000:

Includes 39 photographs (including 14 historic black and white photos), and 4 maps, sketches and diagrams.

Download   No. 153 June 2000:

Includes 40 photographs (21 in colour), and 5 maps, sketches and diagrams. 

Download   No. 152 April 2000:

Includes 35 photographs (18 in colour), and 9 maps, sketches and diagrams. 

Download   No. 151 February 2000:

Includes 33 photographs (23 in colour), and 10 maps, sketches and diagrams.