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Who was "Lumbering Liz" ...

and why did many men find her difficult to handle?

Find the answer in Mountains of Ash.

Subtitled "A History of the Sawmills and Tramways of Warburton, Big Pat's Creek and the Upper Yarra Valley", Mountains of Ash is Mike McCarthy's new book on the timber tramways of Warburton (including Wesburn and Millgrove).

It is expected to be published by the LRRSA in November this year, and all being well there will be a members' pre-publication offer in the August mailout.

The Warburton area of Victoria was probably the most densely packed with timber tramways of any in Australia, and the book answers many questions, - not only about "Lumbering Liz".

The book is the result of years of intense research - on the ground, interviewing dozens of people who worked on the tramways, analysing photographs, and searching through documents.

Mountains of Ash, 320 pages, A4 size, hard cover, 280 photographs, 50 maps and diagrams.

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