Light Railways

Nos 126 to 150

October 1994 to December 1999

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Download No. 150 December 1999:

Eight extra pages to mark the 150th issue! Includes 44 photographs (28 in colour), and 7 maps, sketches and diagrams.

Download No. 149 October 1999:

Includes 24 colour photographs, 10 black and white photographs, and 6 maps, sketches and diagrams. Features eight colour photographs of steam locos on Western Australian bush lines; and a detailed history of the railways of the Great Cobar Copper Mining Company, which used Fowler jack-shaft 2-4-0T locomotives.

Download No. 148 August 1999:

Includes 27 colour photographs, 24 black and white photographs, and 4 maps and diagrams.

Download No. 147 June 1999:

Includes 20 colour photographs, 17 black and white photographs, and 7 maps and diagrams.

Download No. 146 April 1999:

Includes 21 colour photographs, and 21 black and white photographs.

Download No. 145 February 1999:

Amongst the photographs are three superb colour shots of the Mount Lyell Railway, and a spectacular blue centre spread! Amongst the maps and diagrams are a beautiful side view drawing of a 2-truck 2 ft gauge Shay loco.

Download No. 144 December 1998:

Now with more colour pages! Includes 14 black and white, and 16 colour photographs, and 2 maps. Of special interest are the six beautiful colour photographs of Moreton Sugar Mill's tramways (Nambour) in the days of steam; and the in-depth article on the construction of a government funded wooden-railed horse-tramway at Portland in Victoria during the 1850s.

Download No. 143 October 1998:

Includes colour cover reproducing a painting of double-headed Shay locomotives on the Wolgan Valley Railway, 30 black and white, and 8 colour photographs, and 5 maps and digrams. Of special interest are the three colour photographs of Britton Brothers' timber tramway taken in the late 1950s, including the eight-wheeled traction engine locomotive; and a colour photograph of two derelict Wolgan Valley Shay locomotives taken in December 1946.

Download No. 142 August 1998:

Includes colour wrap-around cover, 24 black and white, and 10 colour photographs, and 6 maps and digrams. Of special interest are the five colour photographs of the steam-operated Moruya Breakwater Railway taken in January 1954, a few months before this line closed.

Download No. 141 June 1998:

Includes 33 black and white, and 10 colour photographs, and General Arrangement drawing of Perry 2 ft gauge 0-4-2T locomotive.

Download No. 140 April 1998:

Includes 35 black and white, and 11 colour photographs, five of the latter are of train operations on the 2 ft 6 in gauge Beech Forest railway. The Research Section includes a field report on Sanderson's Noonday and Barwon Mills, both of which were submerged in 1962 by the West Barwon Dam, but due to drought have emerged temporarily from the mud, revealing amongst other things the funnel from a Victorian Railways "L" class 2-4-0ST loco!

Download No. 139 February 1998:

Includes a wrap around colour cover depicting K1, the world's first Beyer Garratt locomotive on the Montezuma Falls Bridge on the North East Dundas Tramway, Tasmania.

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